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Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy 34th Wedding Anniversary!

Yes a few more years have passed me by when I see my last post was quite some time ago....and another few anniversaries have been celebrated.  Life for quite sometime now has seemed like a rollercoaster.  We purchased a small farm nearly 3 years ago and have been working constantly on weekends to improve it for our retirement....ahhh that word if only it was now or even soon.....Life seems so short sometimes when I think about it....I have so so much that I want to do with my love of crafts, reading, cooking and just plain relaxing and oh a holiday would even be nice! day I keep telling myself.....and wonderful news too that we have another grandchild on the way due in March, so another cross-stitch will be on the agenda as well. Something that I have decided to do for each one as a keepsake to remember Nannie by.

Anyway I'm here and I've got this little card that I made in wizz bang time for our 34rd Wedding Anniversary on 6.10.13, yes we were married in 1979 on a very windy and wet Saturday!

I love the card but in my haste completely forgot to use watercolour paper and it didn't dawn on me until after, but hey I got it made! It's the thought that counts! Hope you enjoy it.  The image is a Penny Black Stamp and the text was an individual stamp.  Both worked well together I thought.

Keep smiling and have fun!...Ann